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Pacific Interlocking Pavers

Pavers are the some of the most popular outdoor flooring materials. They are used in decks, patios, and other such installations with great success. Once installed, these pavers can last for several years, if not decades provided they’re maintained well and are of good quality. It’s important to source paving materials from reliable manufacturers because poor quality pavers can chip and become damaged easily. We source materials from a number of reliable brands including Pacific Interlocking Pavers.

Pacific Interlocking Pavers provides a wide range of good quality products across different price ranges. The company is well-established and has a great reputation in the industry. It was established back in 1979 and is the oldest paver manufacturer in California. The company delivers old-world aesthetics with a modern twist. Their paver products are well-designed and available in small, medium, and large sizes.

The products are manufactured using the latest techniques and according to established modern standards. Many of their pavers are eco-friendly and permeable. The interlocking design makes installation easier and quicker, which can save clients some money in the installation process. If you’re looking for reliable and durable pavers, Pacific Interlocking Paver products are the right choice for you. We have used all of their products in various commercial and residential projects and know how they perform in real life conditions.

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